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pyciss 0.9.1

Software for handling Cassini ISS data

Python utilities to work with Cassini’s ISS camera system

Fair use

If you use this software, please consider citing it:

Bibtex record:

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See notebooks in pyciss/tests/ for usage examples.


Several possibilities:


pip install pyciss


  • git clone (without SSH keys)
  • git clone (with SSH keys)

followed by: cd pyciss && pip install .


  • Miodrac Sremcevic for introducing me into some of the tricks of Saturn ring image analysis with Cassini ISS data and for producing a very nice resonance data file for the Saturn rings, here is one of his publications about it:
  • Sremčević, M., Stewart, G.R., Albers, N., Colwell, J.E., Esposito, L.W., 2008. Density Waves in Saturn’s Rings: Non-linear Dispersion and Moon Libration Effects. American Astronomical Society 40, 24.03–.
  • Morgan Rehnberg for providing me with Miodrag’s data file and answering some of my newbie questions.
  • James Huffman, John Cutler, and Matt Funk for improving the software
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