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pycrastinate 0.1.0

Keep your TODO, FIXME, etc. under control by triggering actions, generating reports, date/author/custom filtering, automated e-mails and more


TODO less, DO more: Keep your code clean without changing the way you code.

Tired of TODO from people who have not touched that code in years? What about FIXME?

Pycrastinate is a language-agnostic tool that helps you keep your codebase (whether it is legacy or new) under control in a transparent way.


Try it out

It simply works out of the box! If you want to run it within another python script do the following:

from pycrastinate import pycrastinate


If you want to run it as a command line tool just run python path_to_your_config/ inside its root directory and experience the magic. You can get sample and files from

Dive in

Pycrastinate was featured in a 25-minute talk in PyCon Sweden 2014. There you can find the PDF and the original version . The slides include real life use-case examples.

Tune it

Create your own config file. Change the root_paths for whichever paths hold the files you want to analyse, the file_sufixes to include only those that you want (e.g. only python files), the tokens that should be considered (e.g. TODO), their case-sensitivity, etc. and then store it on the root path for pycrastinate. The config name must not have any “.” besides de final “.py” and you can use it by running python your_config_name

Master it

It is highly encouraged to read at least the succint github documentation and check the slides from PyCon Sweden 2014 if you plan to use pycrastinate seriously.

For more documentation see the homepage.

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