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pycsync 0.1b1

Sync local photos with Flickr

Sync pictures between filesystem and Flickr


This uses the python_flickr_api.

To install latest:

pip install pycsync


First oauth needs to be setup for the application:

pycsync -a

Please visit to get an verifier code:
Please input the verifier code here:

Then copy the link to a browser. After authorizing pycsync, the browser should display something like:

<rsp stat="ok">

Where key is pycsync’s api key, token is the oauth token from above, and verifier is the verifier key for further authentication. Copy the verifier and input it to pycsync.

NOTE: pycsync can either be run from the sync directory or the directory can be specified with the -p option.

Now to sync simply run:



  1. Flickr stores photos in albums. There is no concept of a sub-album. Thus this requires a flat file structure for the local files. The file system layout must contain one level of directories with files in them. The directories will be mapped to Albums. Any subdirectories will be ignored. Also any top-level files will be ignored.
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