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pydigitemp 1.3

Python implementation of 1-Wire protocol

Python implementation of 1-Wire protocol.

Originally written to replace digitemp utility in my pet project and get direct access to 1-wire devices. It was created for reading DS1820 temperature sensor connected to RS232 serial port through DS9097 adapter.

Supported Hardware


  • DS9097 - COM port adapter which performs RS-232C level conversion.
  • Custom 1-wire serial port interface (see below).



Find ROM codes for all connected devices:

from digitemp.master import UART_Adapter
from digitemp.device import AddressableDevice

# ['108739A80208006F', '10A75CA80208001A']

Get temperature:

from digitemp.master import UART_Adapter
from digitemp.device import DS1820

bus = UART_Adapter('/dev/ttyS0')  # DS9097 connected to COM1

# only one 1-wire device on the bus:
sensor = DS1820(bus)

# specify device's ROM code if more than one 1-wire device on the bus:
sensor = DS1820(bus, rom='10D67E5B02080037')

# display sensor's information

# get temperature
# 25.48

Set resolution for DS18B20 and DS1822):

from digitemp.device import DS18B20
sensor = DS18B20(bus)


digitemp.device module provides following classes:

  • DS18S20 - for DS1820, DS18S20 and DS1920 High-Precision Temperature Sensors (family code: 0x10);
  • DS18B20 - for DS18B20 Programmable Resolution Temperature Sensors (family code: 0x28);
  • DS1822 - for DS1822 Econo Temperature Sensor (family code: 0x22)
  • DS1820, DS1920 - are aliases for DS18S20


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All circuits presented here are collected from different sources on the Internet and thus are provided on an entirely “as-is and no guarantees” basis. We do not provide a warranty of any kind and cannot be held responsible in any manner.

1-wire serial port interface

See Serial Port Temperature Sensors - Hardware Interface for details.

1-wire USB/UART adapter

These are tested:

  • [ds18b20-uart.svg](docs/ds18b20-uart.svg)
  • [ds18b20-uart-par.svg](docs/ds18b20-uart-par.svg)
  • [ds18b20-uart-dioda.svg](docs/ds18b20-uart-dioda.svg)
  • [ds18b20-uart-diodapar.svg](docs/ds18b20-uart-diodapar.svg)

Not all schematics work in all cases, depending on adapter and cable length.

These are not tested yet:

  • [ds18b20-uart-mosfet.svg](docs/ds18b20-uart-mosfet.svg)
  • [ds18b20-uart-npn.svg](docs/ds18b20-uart-npn.svg)


Python license. In short, you can use this product in commercial and non-commercial applications, modify it, redistribute it. A notification to the author when you use and/or modify it is welcome.

See the LICENSE file for the actual text of the license.

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