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pydora 0.2.1

Python wrapper for Pandora API

Latest Version: 1.11.2

This code is licensed under the MIT license.

This is a reasonably complete implementation of the Pandora API. It does not implement any of the undocumented features and does not implement most of the account management features as they were deemed not terribly useful.

I don’t provide any keys or passwords for Pandora in this repo, you’ll have to go get those for yourself. Make something awesome with this library, don’t abuse Pandora, that’s not cool.

Simple Player

Included is pydora, a simple Pandora stream player that runs at the command line. It requires that mpg123 be installed with HTTP support as well as a settings file (example below) located in ~/.pydora.cfg. Alternatively an environment variable PYDORA_CFG can point to the path of the config file.

The player only supports basic functionality for now. It will display a station list, allow listening to any station, basic feeback and bookmarking are also supported. The player starts an mpg123 process in remote control mode and feeds commands to it. It does not download any music but rather streams them directly from Pandora.

When playing the following keys work (press enter afterwards):

  • n - next song
  • p - pause or resume song
  • s - station list (stops song)
  • d - thumbs down track
  • u - thumbs up track
  • b - bookmark song
  • a - bookmark artist
  • S - sleep song
  • Q - quit program
  • ? - display help

sample config:

encryption_key = key
decryption_key = key
username = partner username
password = partner password
device = key

username = your username
password = your password
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