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pyee-topics 0.0.13

A port of node.js's EventEmitter to python with mqtt topics support.


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pyee supplies an ``EventEmitter`` object similar to the ``EventEmitter``
from Node.js.

There is also the possibility to use mqtt topic patterns to match events



In [1]: from pyee import EventEmitter

In [2]: ee = EventEmitter()

In [3]: @ee.on('event')
...: def event_handler():
...: print 'BANG BANG'

In [4]: ee.emit('event')

In [5]:

In [6]: ee.on('a/+/c', lambda ...)




sudo pip install pyee


**ee.on(event, f=None)**: Registers the function ``f`` to the event name
``event``. Example::

ee.on('data', some_fxn)

If ``f`` is not specified, ``ee.on`` returns a function that takes ``f`` as a
callback, which allows for decorator styles::

def data_handler(data):
print data

**ee.emit(event, *args, **kwargs)**: Emits the event, calling the attached functions
with ``*args``. For example::

ee.emit('data', '00101001')

This will call ``data('00101001')'`` (assuming ``data`` is an attached function).
Returns ``False`` if no functions are attached to handle the emission (otherwise ``True``).

**ee.once(event, f=None)**: The same as ``ee.on``, except that the listener
is automatically removed after it's called.

**ee.remove_listener(event, fxn)**: Removes the function ``fxn`` from ``event``.
Requires that the function is not closed over by ``ee.on`` (using this with the
decorator style is unfortunately not possible).

**ee.remove_all_listeners(event)**: Removes all listeners from ``event``.

**ee.listeners(event)**: Returns the array of all listeners registered to
the given ``event``.

(Special) Events:

**"new_listener"**: Fires whenever a new listener is created. Listeners for this
event do not fire upon their own creation.

**"error"**: When emitted raises an Exception by default, behavior can be overriden by
attaching callback to the event. For example::

def onError(message):

ee.emit('error', Exception('something blew up'))





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