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pyefd 1.0

Python implementation of "Elliptic Fourier Features of a Closed Contour"


An Python/NumPy implementation of a method for approximating a contour with a Fourier series, as described in [1].


$ pip install pyefd


Given a closed contour of a shape, generated by e.g. scikit-image or OpenCV, this package can fit a Fourier series approximating the shape of the contour:

from pyefd import elliptic_fourier_descriptors
coeffs = elliptic_fourier_descriptors(contour, order=10)

The coefficients returned are the a_n, b_n, c_n and d_n of the following Fourier series representation of the shape.

The coefficients returned are by default normalized so that they are rotation and size-invariant. This can be overridden by calling:

from pyefd import elliptic_fourier_descriptors
coeffs = elliptic_fourier_descriptors(contour, order=10, normalize=False)

Normalization can also be done afterwards:

from pyefd import normalize_efd
coeffs = normalize_efd(coeffs)

To use these as features, one can write a small wrapper function:

def efd_feature(contour):
    coeffs = elliptic_fourier_descriptors(contour, order=10, normalize=True)
    return coeffs.flatten()[3:]

If the coefficients are normalized, then coeffs[0, 0] = 1.0, coeffs[0, 1] = 0.0 and coeffs[0, 2] = 0.0, so they can be disregarded when using the elliptic Fourier descriptors as features.

See [1] for more technical details.


Run tests with:

$ python test

or with Pytest:

$ py.test

The tests includes a single image from the MNIST dataset of handwritten digits ([2]) as a contour to use for testing.


See ReadTheDocs.

v1.0 (2016-04-19)

  • Deemed stable enough for version 1.0 release
  • Created documentation.

v0.1.2 (2016-02-29)

  • Testing with pytest instead of nosetests.
  • Added Coveralls use.

v0.1.1 (2016-02-17)

  • Fixed MANIFEST
  • Added LICENSE file that was missing.

v0.1.0 (2016-02-09)

  • Initial release
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