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pyenttec 1.0

Python interface to Enttec DMX Pro ports

Python module for sending DMX using the Enttec Pro (or compatible) DMX port.

Install using setuptools. I’ll get this on PyPI at some point.

In general, this interface attempts to be as pythonic as possible. Since rendering DMX is a real-time operation, the interface is lightweight and does not attempt to massage out of range inputs (such as DMX values greater than 255). The client is expected to supply proper values.

On OS X, use is very simple using the select_port function:

import pyenttec as dmx
port = dmx.select_port()
port.dmx_frame[0] = 123

On windows or linux, the select_port function can be modified. Windows uses numbered com ports, and on linux your serial port directory and port name will probably be different. You can also just call the DMXConnection constructor directly with the right argument.

Support is included for setting various port parameters such as refresh rate and universe length. For certain applications (very fast strobe control, for exmaple) using a truncated universe with refresh_rate = 0 permits faster control.

This module started as bug fixes to the pySimpleDMX package.

It then mutated into a complete rewrite based on the Objective-C enttec implemention by Coil