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pyexifinfo 0.4.0

Simple Metadata extraction using Exiftool


Yet Another python wrapper for Phil Harvey' Exiftool
ExifTool is the corner stone library to look for when you need to extract Exif or other types of metadata whithin a picture.
ExifTool est la package de référence quand il s'agit d'analyser l'Exif ou les métadonnées d'une photo

To install pyexifinfo, simply:

.. code:: sh

$ pip install pyexifinfo


.. code:: python
import pyexifinfo as p

p.ver() #retrieve your ExifTool version
filename = 'python-logo.png'
p.get_json(filename) #retrieve a json representation of this file exif
[{u'File:FilePermissions': u'rw-rw-r--', u'PNG:Interlace': u'Noninterlaced', u'S
ourceFile': u'/home/laptop/python-logo.png', u'PNG:ColorType': u'RGB with Alpha', u'File:MIMEType': u'image/png',u'File:FileAccessDate': u'2015:07:20 16:37:22-04:00', u'File:FileModifyDate': u'2014:12:12 20:55:59-05:00', u'File:FileSize': u'9.9 kB', u'PNG:ImageWidth': 290, u'File:FileType': u'PNG', u'File:FileName': u'python-logo.png', u'PNG:Compression': u'Deflate/Inflate', u'PNG:PixelsPerUnitY': 2835, u'PNG:PixelsPerUnitX': 2835, u'PNG:ImageHeight': 82, u'PNG:PixelUnits': u'Meters', u'File:Directory': u'/home/laptop', u'File:FileInodeChangDate': u'2015:07:20 16:37:22-04:00', u'PNG:Filter': u'Adaptive', u'PNG:BitDepth': 8, u'Composite:ImageSize': u'290x82', u'ExifTool:ExifToolVersion': 9.46}]

Other useful functions

.. code:: python
from pyexifinfo get_csv, get_xml, fileType, mimeType, imageSize, imageWidth, imageHeight
filename = 'python-logo.png'

result = get_csv(filename)
result = get_xml(filename)
result = fileType(filename)
result = mimeType(filename)

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pyexifinfo-0.4.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-10-08 3KB