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pyfarmhash 0.2.2

Google FarmHash Bindings for Python


This package provides bindings for the [Google's FarmHash](

Code specific to this project is covered by [The MIT License](

Forked on 2015.04.06 to add bindings for fingerprint functions. Pull request submitted.
Currently, clone the repo and:

> $ cd python-farmhash
> $ sudo python Install

(Sheer hackery. I'm sure there's a way to do this with the new VS but this is working and
I don't have hours to work on it. Feel free to submit a pull request)

> Install Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler for Python 2.7
> Install msinttypes
> Copy stdint.h to the src directory, and modify the line 47 reference to use double quotes instead of angle brackets
> Add "if defined(_MSC_VER) ||" to line 76 of
> $ cd python-farmhash
> $ sudo python install

The library is pretty simple to use:

> import farmhash
> print farmhash.hash64('abc')
> 2640714258260161385

For more details, use ipython:
> In [1]: import farmhash
> In [2]: farmhash.hash64withseed?
> Type: builtin_function_or_method
> String Form:<built-in function="" hash64withseed="">
> Docstring:
> Hash function for a string. For convenience, a 64-bit seed is also hashed into the result.
> example: print farmhash.hash64withseed('abc', 12345)
> 13914286602242141520L  
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