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pyfrc 2014.1.3

Development tools library for python interpreter used for the FIRST Robotics Competition

Latest Version: 2018.2.3

pyfrc - RobotPy development library helper

pyfrc is a python 3 library designed to make developing code for RobotPy (the Python interpreter for the FIRST Robotics Competition) easier.

This library contains a few primary parts:

  • A built-in uploader that will upload your robot code to the robot

  • An implementation of wpilib that will run on your computer

    This is a library designed to emulate parts of WPILib so you can more easily do unit testing of your robot code on any platform that supports python3, without having to have a cRio around for testing.

    NOTE: This is not a complete implementation of WPILib. Add more things as needed, and submit patches! :)

  • Integration with the py.test testing tool to allow you to easily write unit tests for your robot code.


using pip to install

The easiest installation is by using pip. On a linux/OSX system that has pip installed, just run the following command:

$ pip-3.2 install pyfrc

If you have python 3.3 installed, you may need to use ‘pip-3.3’ instead.

On Windows, I recommend using pip-Win to install packages. Download it from:

Once you’ve downloaded it, run it to install pip, and run the following command in its window:

pip install pyfrc

Non-pip installation

You must have the following python packages installed. Make sure that you install them for your python3 interpreter, as pyfrc only supports python 3.

Once you have those installed, you can just install pyfrc the same way you would install most other python programs:

$ python3 install


Once you modify your robot code, you can directly run your file and the pyfrc features will be enabled. You must modify your code slightly to make this work correctly.

Robot Code Modifications

There are three main modifications that you need to make to your to take advantage of the features provided by pyfrc.

  • Your import statement must catch the wpilib import error and import wpilib from pyfrc instead.
  • Your run() function must return the Robot object you create
  • You must add a block that calls at the bottom of your program

import wpilib
except ImportError:
from pyfrc import wpilib

def run():

robot = MyRobot() robot.StartCompetition()

return robot

if __name__ == ‘__main__’:

py.test unit testing integration support

pyfrc supports testing robot code using the py.test python testing tool.

See ‘samples/simple’ for an example test program that starts the robot code and runs it through autonomous mode and operator mode.

To run the unit tests, just run your with the following arguments:

$ python3 test

For more information on how to write py.test tests, see the documentation at , or refer to the samples directory for examples.

Implementation Notes

SmartDashboard/NetworkTables support



The implementation of wpilib that you can run on your computer is contained in the ‘lib’ directory. If you use the ‘’ script to run your tests, it will automatically setup the python path correctly so that loading fake_wpilib will load the correct package.

The lib/pyfrc/wpilib directory is the code for wpilib directly copied from the RobotPy implementation. This code tries to load a module called ‘_wpilib’, which is a binary python module on the robot. However, in the directory lib/pyfrc/wpilib/_wpilib there is a python package which emulates a lot of the functionality found in the binary package for wpilib.

The StartCompetition function is monkey-patched by so that the library and test runners can load properly.

Contributing new changes

  1. Fork this git repository
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am ‘Add some feature’)
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request on github


Dustin Spicuzza (

pyfrc is derived from (and supercedes) fake_wpilib, which was developed with contributions from Sam Rosenblum and Team 2423.

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