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pyguacamole 0.6

A Guacamole python client library.

A Python client library for communication with Guacamole server (guacd)


Using pip

$ pip install pyguacamole

From source

$ python install


GuacamoleClient handles communication with a running guacd server via Guacamole Protocol.

GuacamoleClient must be used by a broker server which handles communication with a Javscript application running in the browser. GuacamoleClient implements the methods that enables communication with guacd server (send & receive).

First step should be establishing handshake with guacd server, then Broker server should handle instruction sending and receiving:

  • send: send instruction to guacd server
  • receive: receive instruction from guacd server
>>> from guacamole.client import GuacamoleClient
>>> client = GuacamoleClient('', 4822)
>>> client.handshake(protocol='rdp', hostname='localhost', port=3389)

Once instruction is received from guacd server, it should be sent immediately to the browser

>>> instruction = client.receive()
>>> instruction

and once instruction is sent from browser, it should be sent immediately to guacd server

>>> instruction = '5.mouse,3.400,3.500;'
>>> client.send(instruction)


PyGuacamole is released under the MIT License and is based on the initial effort by Rescale django-guacamole project.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
pyguacamole-0.6.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-03-16 6KB