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pyitect 0.1.14

A package for structuring a modeler project architecture via plugin like modules

Latest Version: 2.0.1


A [architect]( inspired plugin framework for Python 3.4+

a plugin to pyitect is simply a folder with a .json file of the same name inside


A plugin has a name, a version, an author, a .py file, and it provides Components uses to build your aplication. components are simply names in the module's namespace after the file is imported

a plugin's json file provides information about the plugin as well as lists components it provides and components it needs on load

here's an example, all feilds are manditory but the consumes and provides CAN be left as empty containers, but then the plugin would be useless would it not? not providing and components and all?

"name": "Im-A-Plugin",
"author": "Ryex",
"version": "0.0.1",
"file" : "",
"consumes": {
"foo" : "*"
"provides": [

a plugin can provid version requierments for the components it's importing

a version string is formated liek so


both parts are optional and an empty stirng or a string contaiing only an '*' means no requierment
a version requierment can include logical operators to get version greater than or less than the spesifiyed value, you can evem select ranges

here are some examples

"" // no requierment
"*" // no requierment
"FooPlugin" // from this plugin and no other, but any version
"FooPlugin:*" // from this plugin and no other, but any version
"FooPlugin:1" // from this plugin and no other, verison 1.x.x
"FooPlugin:1.0" // 1.0.x
"FooPlugin:1.0.1" // version 1.0.1 or any post releace
"FooPlugin:1.0.1-pre123" // 1.0.1-pre123 -> this exact version
"FooPlugin:" // oh did I not menchin that your version strings cna basicly go on forever? chouse your own style!
"FooPlugin:1.2" // 1.2.x and any pre/post/dev releace
"FooPlugin:>1.0" // greater than 1.0
"FooPlugin:>=1.2.3" // greater than or equal to 1.2.3
"FooPlugin:<=2.1.4" // less than or equal to 2.1.4
"FooPlugin:>1.0 <2.3" // greater than 1.0 and less than 2.3
"FooPlugin:1.0.5 - 2.4.5" // between 1.0.5 and 2.3.x inclusive
"FooPlugin:1.0 || 2.5.1" // either 1.0.x or 2.5.1
"FooPlugin:1.0 || 2.3.3 - 3.1.0 || >=4.3 <5.2.6-pre25" // get real complicated, cause you know, you might need it.

inside your plugin files you need to get acess to your consumed components right?
heres how you do it
from PyitectConsumes import foo

class Bar(object):
def __init__():
foo("it's a good day to be a plugin")

Here's how you set up a plugin system

from pyitect import System
#incase you need to spesify versions for plugins that dont have a default
#or you need to besure a spesfic version is used,
#you can suply a mapping of compoent names to version strings on system setup
system = System({foo: "*"})"path/to/your/plugins/tree")

Bar = system.load("Bar")  
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