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pyjip 0.3

JIP pipeline library

Latest Version: 0.5

JIP Pipeline system
The JIP pipeline system is a python library and a set of command
line utilities that allows you to create batch-process based computational
pipeline that can be submitted and managed on a compute cluster or on
your local machine.

The `JIP documentation <>`_ contains
more detailed instructions on installation and, more importantly, configuration
of the system and your compute infrastructure. Here is the very quick guide::

    $> pip install pyjip


    $> python install

If you want to install from *pypi* or the git repository. Afterwards, you have
to create configuration file ``$HOME/.jip/jip.json`` and add the following

        "cluster": "<class_name>"

Replace ``<class_name>`` with the name of the class that implements support
for your compute cluster. JIP ships with the following implementations:

    * ``jip.cluster.SGE`` for *Sun Grid Engine*

    * ``jip.cluster.Slurm`` for *Slurm*

    * ``jip.cluster.PBS`` for *PBS* and *Torque*

    * ``jip.cluster.LSF`` for *Platform LSF* and *Open Lava*

    * ``jip.grids.JIP`` for JIPs' internal scheduler. If you use this, make
      sure to start the JIP server on the same machine using the ``jip server``
      command. Please note also that you have to install *pyzmq* if you want
      to run the JIP server.

`Documentation <>`_ on installation and
usage can be found at

Source Code
The JIP source code can be found on
`GitHub <>`_.

Bugs and feature requests
Please feel free to use the `issue tracker
<>`_ to file bug reports and feature

* 0.3 :
  - Added auto-naming support for anonymous jobs that are assigned to variables.
    The variable name is used as default job name
  - Lots of changes to the internals

* 0.2 :
  - Added explicit UTF-8 encoding for the dependency tree

* 0.1 : Initial release

JIP is licensed under the BSD license.
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pyjip-0.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-12-20 151KB
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  • Author: UNKNOWN
  • License: BSD
  • Package Index Owner: thasso
  • DOAP record: pyjip-0.3.xml