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pyjpmesh 1.1.0

Japan grid square code (JIS X 0410) utility for Python.

Japan grid square code (JIS X 0410) utility for Python.


  • Supports the meshes below.
    • 1st mesh (jpmesh.FirstMesh class, about 80 km square).
    • 2nd mesh (jpmesh.SecondMesh class, about 10 km square).
    • 3rd mesh (jpmesh.ThirdMesh class, about 1 km square).
    • 1/2 mesh (jpmesh.HalfMesh class, about 500 m square).
    • 1/4 mesh (jpmesh.QuarterMesh class, about 250 m square).
    • 1/8 mesh (jpmesh.OneEighthMesh class, about 125 m square).
  • Supports the calculations below.
    • Mesh border coordinates from mesh codes.
    • Mesh codes from coordinates.
  • Consisted of only one file and depends on no other libraries, which enable you to use it portably.


Choose one from the following.

  • Run pip install pyjpmesh.
  • Put on your project.


Here is an example to get the 1st mesh (about 8 km square) code that a given point belongs to.

from jpmesh import Angle, Coordinate, FirstMesh

coordinate = Coordinate(
    lon=Angle.from_degree(140.0), lat=Angle.from_degree(35.0))
mesh = FirstMesh.from_coordinate(coordinate)
print mesh.code # '5240'

Here is another example to get the center point of the given mesh.

from jpmesh import parse_mesh_code

mesh = parse_mesh_code('5339')
mesh_center = mesh.south_west + (mesh.size / 2.0)
print, # 139.5 35.667

To use other mesh classes (SecondMesh, ThirdMesh, etc.), use those classes instead of FirstMesh.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
pyjpmesh-1.1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-09-05 6KB