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pymmails py3.3-v0.1.517

Three functionalities: folder synchronization, a logging function, helpers to generate documentatino with sphinx

Latest Version: 0.2.194



The module was started to grab emails using IMAP and to store them on a local disk. The documentation is available at pymmails documentation. You can download the setup here. The module is available on pypi/pymmails and on GitHub/pymmails. It requires module pyensae and pyquickhelper. The main functionality is the ability to download your email from your inbox and to store them in a local folder with their attachements:

from pyquickhelper import fLOG
from pymmails import MailBoxImap
user = ""
pwd = "passsword"
server = "imap.your_provider.ext"
box = MailBoxImap(user, pwd, server)

A parameter pattern can be added to look for a subset of emails:

            pattern='FROM "xavier"')

Below, some examples of patterns:

pattern='FROM "xavier" SINCE 1-Feb-2013'
pattern='FROM "xavier" SINCE 1-Feb-2013 BEFORE 5-May-2013'
pattern='FROM "xavier" SINCE 1-Feb-2013 BEFORE 5-May-2013 UNANSWERED'
pattern='CC "jacques" FROM "xavier" DELETED'
pattern='TEXT "github"'
pattern='LARGER 10000 SMALLER 1000000'
pattern='SUBJECT "programmation"'
pattern='TO "student" FLAGGED'


This project contains various helper about logging functions, unit tests and help generation.
  • a source folder: src
  • a unit test folder: _unittests, go to this folder and run
  • a _doc folder: _doc, it will contains the documentation
  • a file to build and to install the module
  • a file to build the sphinx documentation
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