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pymongo 2.7.2

Python driver for MongoDB <>

Latest Version: 3.6.1


The PyMongo distribution contains tools for interacting with MongoDB database from Python. The bson package is an implementation of the BSON format for Python. The pymongo package is a native Python driver for MongoDB. The gridfs package is a gridfs implementation on top of pymongo.

Support / Feedback

For issues with, questions about, or feedback for PyMongo, please look into our support channels. Please do not email any of the PyMongo developers directly with issues or questions - you’re more likely to get an answer on the mongodb-user list on Google Groups.

Bugs / Feature Requests

Think you’ve found a bug? Want to see a new feature in PyMongo? Please open a case in our issue management tool, JIRA:

Bug reports in JIRA for all driver projects (i.e. PYTHON, CSHARP, JAVA) and the Core Server (i.e. SERVER) project are public.

Security Vulnerabilities

If you’ve identified a security vulnerability in a driver or any other MongoDB project, please report it according to the instructions here.


If you have setuptools installed you should be able to do easy_install pymongo to install PyMongo. Otherwise you can download the project source and do python install to install.


The PyMongo distribution is supported and tested on Python 2.x (where x >= 4) and Python 3.x (where x >= 1). PyMongo versions <= 1.3 also supported Python 2.3, but that is no longer supported.

Additional dependencies are:

  • (to generate documentation) sphinx
  • (to auto-discover tests) nose


Here’s a basic example (for more see the examples section of the docs):

>>> import pymongo
>>> client = pymongo.MongoClient("localhost", 27017)
>>> db = client.test
>>> db.my_collection
Collection(Database(MongoClient('localhost', 27017), u'test'), u'my_collection')
>>>{"x": 10})
>>>{"x": 8})
>>>{"x": 11})
>>> db.my_collection.find_one()
{u'x': 10, u'_id': ObjectId('4aba15ebe23f6b53b0000000')}
>>> for item in db.my_collection.find():
...     print item["x"]
>>> db.my_collection.create_index("x")
>>> for item in db.my_collection.find().sort("x", pymongo.ASCENDING):
...     print item["x"]
>>> [item["x"] for item in db.my_collection.find().limit(2).skip(1)]
[8, 11]


You will need sphinx installed to generate the documentation. Documentation can be generated by running python doc. Generated documentation can be found in the doc/build/html/ directory.


The easiest way to run the tests is to install nose (easy_install nose) and run nosetests or python test in the root of the distribution. Tests are located in the test/ directory.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
pymongo-2.7.2-cp26-none-macosx_10_7_intel.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.6 2014-07-30 226KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp26-none-macosx_10_8_intel.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.6 2014-07-30 226KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp26-none-macosx_10_9_intel.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.6 2014-07-29 225KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp26-none-win32.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.6 2014-07-29 203KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp26-none-win_amd64.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.6 2014-07-29 205KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp27-none-macosx_10_7_intel.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.7 2014-07-30 226KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp27-none-macosx_10_8_intel.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.7 2014-07-30 226KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp27-none-macosx_10_9_intel.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.7 2014-07-29 225KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp27-none-win32.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.7 2014-07-29 202KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp27-none-win_amd64.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.7 2014-07-29 205KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp32-cp32m-macosx_10_6_intel.whl (md5) Python Wheel 3.2 2014-07-29 231KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp32-none-win32.whl (md5) Python Wheel 3.2 2014-07-29 202KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp32-none-win_amd64.whl (md5) Python Wheel 3.2 2014-07-29 205KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp33-cp33m-macosx_10_6_intel.whl (md5) Python Wheel 3.3 2014-07-29 230KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp33-none-win32.whl (md5) Python Wheel 3.3 2014-07-29 203KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp33-none-win_amd64.whl (md5) Python Wheel 3.3 2014-07-29 205KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp34-cp34m-macosx_10_6_intel.whl (md5) Python Wheel 3.4 2014-07-29 230KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp34-none-win32.whl (md5) Python Wheel 3.4 2014-07-29 203KB
pymongo-2.7.2-cp34-none-win_amd64.whl (md5) Python Wheel 3.4 2014-07-29 205KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py2.4-win32.egg (md5)
built on Microsoft-Windows
Python Egg 2.4 2014-07-29 404KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py2.5-macosx-10.7-x86_64.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.5 2014-07-30 400KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py2.5-macosx-10.8-x86_64.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.5 2014-07-30 400KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py2.5-macosx-10.9-x86_64.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.5 2014-07-29 400KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py2.5-win32.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.5 2014-07-29 400KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py2.6-macosx-10.7-intel.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.6 2014-07-30 423KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py2.6-macosx-10.8-intel.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.6 2014-07-30 424KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py2.6-macosx-10.9-intel.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.6 2014-07-29 423KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py2.6-win-amd64.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.6 2014-07-29 403KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py2.6-win32.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.6 2014-07-29 400KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py2.7-macosx-10.7-intel.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2014-07-30 423KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py2.7-macosx-10.8-intel.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2014-07-30 423KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py2.7-macosx-10.9-intel.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2014-07-29 422KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py2.7-win-amd64.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2014-07-29 401KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py2.7-win32.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2014-07-29 399KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py3.2-macosx-10.6-intel.egg (md5) Python Egg 3.2 2014-07-29 433KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py3.2-win-amd64.egg (md5) Python Egg 3.2 2014-07-29 407KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py3.2-win32.egg (md5) Python Egg 3.2 2014-07-29 404KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py3.3-macosx-10.6-intel.egg (md5) Python Egg 3.3 2014-07-29 440KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py3.3-win-amd64.egg (md5) Python Egg 3.3 2014-07-29 414KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py3.3-win32.egg (md5) Python Egg 3.3 2014-07-29 412KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py3.4-macosx-10.6-intel.egg (md5) Python Egg 3.4 2014-07-29 434KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py3.4-win-amd64.egg (md5) Python Egg 3.4 2014-07-29 408KB
pymongo-2.7.2-py3.4-win32.egg (md5) Python Egg 3.4 2014-07-29 406KB
pymongo-2.7.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-07-29 372KB (md5) MS Windows installer 2.6 2014-07-29 426KB (md5) MS Windows installer 2.7 2014-07-29 425KB (md5) MS Windows installer 3.2 2014-07-29 426KB (md5) MS Windows installer 3.3 2014-07-29 424KB (md5) MS Windows installer 3.4 2014-07-29 424KB
pymongo-2.7.2.win32-py2.4.exe (md5) MS Windows installer 2.4 2014-07-29 265KB
pymongo-2.7.2.win32-py2.5.exe (md5) MS Windows installer 2.5 2014-07-29 265KB
pymongo-2.7.2.win32-py2.6.exe (md5) MS Windows installer 2.6 2014-07-29 396KB
pymongo-2.7.2.win32-py2.7.exe (md5) MS Windows installer 2.7 2014-07-29 396KB
pymongo-2.7.2.win32-py3.2.exe (md5) MS Windows installer 3.2 2014-07-29 396KB
pymongo-2.7.2.win32-py3.3.exe (md5) MS Windows installer 3.3 2014-07-29 391KB
pymongo-2.7.2.win32-py3.4.exe (md5) MS Windows installer 3.4 2014-07-29 391KB