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pymyinstall 0.4.207

Three functionalities: folder synchronization, a logging function, helpers to generate documentatino with sphinx

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 1.1.1064

.. _l-README:


* `pypi/pymyinstall <https:"" pypi="" pymyinstall=""/>`_
* `GitHub/pymyinstall <https:"" sdpython="" pymyinstall="">`_
* `documentation <http:"" app="" pymyinstall="" helpsphinx="" index.html="">`_
* `Windows Setup <http:"" site2013="" index_code.html#pymyinstall="">`_


This module contains functions which install a module from pipy, using pip or from a setup::

from pymyinstall import datascientist
datascientist ("install")


from pymyinstall import ModuleInstall
ModuleInstall("pyquickhelper", "github", "sdpython").install(temp_folder="temp")


- help installing module from GitHub


This project contains various helper about logging functions, unit tests and help generation.
* a source folder: ``src``
* a unit test folder: ``_unittests``, go to this folder and run ````
* a _doc folder: ``_doc``, it will contains the documentation
* a file ```` to build and to install the module
* a file ```` to build the sphinx documentation


* **v0.4 - 2014/07/27**
* **new:** add a function to install SQLiteSpy, see :func:`install_sqlitespy <installhelper.install_custom_sqlitespy.install_sqlitespy>`
* **new:** add a function to install SciTE, see :func:`install_scite <installhelper.install_custom_scite.install_scite>`
* **new:** add a function to setup ipython, see :func:`setup_ipython <setuphelper.setup_ipython>`
* **new:** add a function to setup an environment for a `Data Scientist <http:"" wiki="" data_science="">`_
* **new:** add shortcuts on Windows desktop
* **new:** class ``ModuleInstall`` can now install an application such as ``Spyder`` (not an extension which can be imported)
* **new:** add a function to add a shortcut on the desktop for Spyder
* **v0.3 - 2014/06/03**
* **changes:** add a version parameter
* **fix:** fix the method install when platform is ``amd64``
* **add:** list of website for popular tools  
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