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pynessus 0.9.1

Library to talk to a remote Nessus 5 server that via its xmlrpc interface.

Client for the xml rpc interface of the Nessus vulnerability scanner v5+.

Methods mirror what is in the official API at in a pythonic way so that you don’t have to care about json or xml.

Ongoing work

Features are being added, not all the API is mapped yet. As all the api calls kind of look the same, it is braindead work so pull requests are more than welcome.

Example usage

with Nessus('') as nes:
  nes.Login('admin', 'pass$%&(#'%#[]@:')'Feeds: %s', nes.Feed())

All calls can also be done asynchronously if needed:

with Nessus('') as nes:
  def LoginCallback(result, error=None):
    if error:
      logging.warning('Error while logging: %s', error)
      return'Correcty logged in: %s', result)

  future = nes.Login('admin', 'pass$%&(#\'%#[]@:', callback=LoginCallback)
  # At this point the LoginCallback is sure to have been called.
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