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pyownet 0.7.0

python ownet client library

Latest Version: 0.7.1

pyownet is a pure python package that allows to access an owserver via the owserver network protocol, in short ownet.

owserver is part of the OWFS 1-Wire File System:

OWFS is an easy way to use the powerful 1-wire system of Dallas/Maxim.

OWFS is a simple and flexible program to monitor and control the physical environment. You can write scripts to read temperature, flash lights, write to an LCD, log and graph, ...

The pyownet.protocol module is a low-level implementation of the ownet protocol. Interaction with an owserver takes place via a proxy object whose methods correspond to ownet messages:

>>> owproxy = OwnetProxy(host="", port=4304)
>>> owproxy.dir()
['/10.67C6697351FF/', '/05.4AEC29CDBAAB/']
>>> owproxy.present('/10.67C6697351FF/temperature')
'     91.6195'
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pyownet-0.7.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-02-10 5KB
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