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pypaths 0.1.2

Small, but extensible, pathfinding library

PyPaths is a small library useful for computing paths across simple in-memory graphs. Try it out by installing with pip:

> pip install pypaths

Or, alternatively, install from source:

> git clone
> cd pypaths
> python install

For the simplest default case, usage is very simple:

from pypaths import astar

finder = astar.pathfinder()

print finder( (0,0), (2,2) )

We can also provide some parameters to help the algoriths understand your specific graph:

from pypaths import astar

finder = astar.pathfinder(
                  distance=my_distance_function,           # Calculate the absolute distance between two nodes
                  cost=my_cost_function,                   # Calculate the heuristic cost between nodes
                  neighbors=my_neighbors_function)         # Calculate the list of neighbors for a given node

print finder( "MY NODE 1", "MY NODE 3" )
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pypaths-0.1.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-05-11 3KB