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pypi-stat 1.3.2

solution for getting packages stat, and graphing them

Package Documentation

All the docs are on and when rtds don’t work fall back here Source: Ticket

Getting stats


usage: [-h] [-q] [package_name [package_name ...]]

Gathers download stats from pypi regarding the download information of the
geiven package. Print them, and stores them in a file for further use. If no
package name are provided, it will try to get all packages known from
previously fetched stats. -q will print less output (only warnings and errors)

positional arguments:
    package_name  package name to be retrieved

optional arguments:
    -h, --help    show this help message and exit
    -q, --quiet   less verbose output

Graphing stats


usage: [options]

   -h, --help            show this help message and exit
   -k KEY                keys to plot in stored stats amongst av_dl, total_dl,
   -f _FROM, --from=_FROM
                         min date from which to plot
   -t _TO, --to=_TO      maximum date to which to plot
   -o _DEST, --output=_DEST
                              filename of the output image. Don't create output
                         directory if non existant. If this is enabled output
                         in TK backend is desactivated.
   -p _PACKAGE, --package=_PACKAGE
                         packages for wich to graph

You’ll need matplotlib and numpy to plot the graphs. Read the doc (installation section) for more informations.


  • fighting debian and my typos
  • fixing a dependency. I really like the install fails before test mechanisms but if nobody opens a ticket I won’t be able to know that it fails.


  • using https to make pypi stat great again and fonctionnal :)


  • totally forgot the requirement on archery since day 1


  • you learn everyday :) my install_require was overkill
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