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pyppd 1.0.2

A CUPS PostScript Printer Driver's compressor and generator

pyppd is a CUPS PPD generator. It holds an compressed archive of PPDs, which can be listed and retrieved only when needed by CUPS, saving disk space.


To install pyppd, you can use:

# pip install pyppd

Or download the source package, uncompress, and run as root:

# python install

It depends on Python 2.x or 3.x ( and XZ Utils (


At first, you have to create a PPD archive. For such, put all PPDs (they might be gzipped) you want to add in the archive inside a single folder (which can have subfolders), then run:

$ pyppd /path/to/your/ppd/folder

It’ll create pyppd-ppdfile in your current folder. This executable only works with the same Python version that you used to generate it. You can test it by running:

$ ./pyppd-ppdfile list

And, for reading a PPD from the archive, simply do:

$ ./pyppd-ppdfile cat pyppd-ppdfile:MY-PPD-FILE.PPD

For CUPS to be able to use your newly-created archive, copy pyppd-ppdfile to /usr/lib/cups/driver/ and you’re done.

The generated pyppd-ppdfile can be arbitrarily renamed, so that more than one packed repository can be installed on one system. This can be useful if you need a better performance, be it in time or memory usage. Note that also the PPD URIs will follow the new name:

$ ./pyppd-ppdfile list pyppd-ppdfile:LasterStar/LaserStar-XX100.ppd $ mv pyppd-ppdfile laserstar $ ./laserstar list laserstar:LaserStar/LaserStar-XX100.ppd


  • Till Kamppeter - Original idea, mentoring and feedback. User #0.
  • Hin-Tak Leung - Lots of technical suggestions.
  • Martin Pitt - Python 3 port.
  • Flávio Ribeiro and Diógenes Fernandes - Refactorings and general Python’s best practices tips.
  • Google’s OSPO - Initial funding at GSoC 2010.


  • Add unit tests.
  • When testing if the PPD generated from the *Product line already exists in a *1284DeviceID line, we do a case-sensitive test. I think it should be case- insensitive.
  • Generate manpage.
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