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pyprintr 1.0

Module that allows to emulate the print_r() PHP function

Python-printr (or PyPrintr) is a recursive printing objects module that allows to emulate the print_r() function of PHP by printing the objects properties of a class instance and its internal structure.

NOTICE: If you need to use printr() function for list, tuples and dicts, please, don’t use printr() function. You can choose pprint module. printr() function is only for objects of your own class instances. Read more about Python-printr at
Developed by:
Eugenia Bahit
Alejandro Ramirez
GPL v3.0

Basic Usage

First, you must get an object of a class instance and then, you can call to the printr function by passing the object like an argument function.

from printr import printr

my_object = MyClass()


Change this value by modifying the IDENTATION_CHAR constant:

import printr
printr.IDENTATION_CHAR = "."  # use point to identation
myobject = MyClass()

Also, you can set the identation width, by modifying the TAB_WIDTH constant (by default is 4):

import printr
printr.TAB_WIDTH = 2
myobject = MyClass()
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pyprintr-1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-05-04 14KB