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pyprov 1.0.8

Latest Version: 1.0.10

PROV-JSON is a JSON representation for the Provenance Data Model (PROV-DM). The representation was developed internally at the University of Southampton as a common format for exchanging provenance information between research projects. In addition, the PROV-JSON representation also aims at facilitating client-side manipulations of provenance information and, at the same time, allowing the use of a generic client-side API in various web applications. However, as it is based on the Provenance Data Model ( being standardized at the W3C Provenance Working Group, it is hoped that the PROV-JSON representation will also find support from a wider community.

Folder structure:
- specs/json: The PROV-JSON specification document
- examples: containing PROV-JSON examples (*.json)

Plan for a PROV-JSON toolbox that facilitates accessing and manipulating PROV-JSON structures:

In conjunction with the PROV-JSON specifications provided in this document, a PROV-JSON toolbox is being developed to facilitate working with PROV-JSON structures. The toolbox will provide the following functionalities:
Querying: query support for
- properties of an element or a relation,
- elements and relations based on their types, and
- including/excluding specific types of elements/relations.
Traversing: the toolbox presents a PROV-JSON structure as a provenance graph of elements linked by their relations. By so doing, it provides a number of ways to traverse the graph (horizontally or vertically) from a particular element.
Simple inference: transitivity closure support for transitive relations in PROV-DM
Editing: creating and updating provenance graphs
Typed literals: handle popular data types (e.g. XSD) and provide extension points for application-specific data types
UI widgets: generic JavaScript UI widgets to support the functionalities above  
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