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pyquickhelper 1.6.2372

Various functionalities: folder synchronization, simple logging function, helpers to generate documentation with sphinx, sphinx extension, to run a command line, to run a notebook...

Package Documentation




  • simple forms in notebooks
  • help generation including notebook conversion
  • folder synchronization
  • logging
  • help running unit tests
  • simple server to server sphinx documentation
  • file compression, zip, gzip, 7z
  • helpers for ipython notebooks (upgrade, offline run)
  • parser to quickly add a magic command in a notebook
  • Sphinx directives to integrate a blogpost in the documentation
  • mechanism to add forms in notebooks


This project contains the following folders:

  • a source folder: src
  • a unit test folder: _unittests, go to this folder and run
  • a folder: _doc, it will contain the documentation, a subfolder _doc/sphinxdox/source/blog contains blog post to communicate on the module
  • a file to build and to install the module, if the source were retrieve from GitHub, the script can also be called with the following extra options (python <option>): * clean_space: remove extra spaces in the code * build_sphinx: builds the documentation * unittests: run the unit tests, compute the code coverage
  • a script build_script.bat which produces many script on Windows to easily run the setup, generate the documentation, run the unit tests.


Convert a notebook into slides:

from pyquickhelper.helpgen import nb2slides
nb2slides("nb.ipynb", "convert.slides.html")

Merge two notebooks:

from pyquickhelper.ipythonhelper import read_nb
nb1 = read_nb("<file1>", kernel=False)
nb2 = read_nb("<file2>", kernel=False)

Run a notebook:

from pyquickhelper.ipythonhelper import run_notebook
run_notebook("source.ipynb", working_dir="temp",
            additional_path = [ "c:/temp/mymodule/src" ] )

Run a command line program:

from pyquickhelper.loghelper import run_cmd
out,err = run_cmd("python install", wait=True)

A sphinx extension to generate python documentation from a script:

.. runpython::

    import sys
    print("sys.version_info=", str(sys.version_info))


1.6.9999 (2018-12-31)


  • 86: avoids last line of notebooks in rst to disappear


  • 73: merges coverage reports from differents jobs about unit tests
  • 84: remove epkg instruction in call_cli_function
  • 92: add directive video for sphinx documentation
  • 93: add a variable in documentation configuration for custom replacements in notebooks

1.5.2275 (2017-11-28)


  • 46: update to Sphinx 1.6
  • 54: fix searchbox for sphinx_rtd_theme
  • 69: overwrites toctree to catch exception and process rst inline
  • 71: skip old notebook execution when computing the coverage


  • 56: support function for role epkg
  • 36: add support for sphinx-gallery
  • 53: handle history, converts the file into something usable by module releases
  • 52: add coverage for notebooks
  • 61: add a build on circleci, builds the documentation, populates the artifacts section
  • 63: add file_detail in get_repo_log
  • 60: add notebook coverage as a separate page
  • 34: applies pep8 on the code being rendered on the documentation
  • 65: add function to clean readme.rst before sending it to pypi
  • 67: add toctree delayed which gets filled after the dynamic content is created, use it for blogs
  • 77: add class ExtUnitCase with extensive test function
  • 78: get_temp_folder change other default directory
  • 81: add youtube sphinx extension
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