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pyquickhelper 0.6.235

Three functionalities: folder synchronization, a logging function, helpers to generate documentatino with sphinx

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 1.4.1533

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* `pypi/pyquickhelper <https:"" pypi="" pyquickhelper=""/>`_
* `GitHub/pyquickhelper <https:"" sdpython="" pyquickhelper="">`_
* `documentation <http:"" app="" pyquickhelper="" helpsphinx="" index.html="">`_
* `Windows Setup <http:"" site2013="" index_code.html#pyquickhelper="">`_


This extension gathers three functionalities:
* a logging function: :func:`fLOG <loghelper.flog.flog>`
* a function to synchronize two folders: :func:`synchronize_folder <sync.synchelper.synchronize_folder>`
* a function to generate a copy of a module, converting doxygen documentation in rst format: :func:`generate_help_sphinx <helpgen.sphinx_main.generate_help_sphinx>` (see also :func:`prepare_file_for_sphinx_help_generation <helpgen.utils_sphinx_doc.prepare_file_for_sphinx_help_generation>`),
it requires the module is designed as this one (`src`, `_doc` folders).

The module is available on `pypi/pyquickhelper <https:"" pypi="" pyquickhelper=""/>`_ and
on `GitHub/pyquickhelper <https:"" sdpython="" pyquickhelper="">`_.


* help generation
* folder synchronization
* logging
* import a flat file into a SQLite database
* help running unit tests
* functions to convert a pandas DataFrame into a HTML table or a RST table


This project contains various helper about logging functions, unit tests and help generation.
* a source folder: ``src``
* a unit test folder: ``_unittests``, go to this folder and run ````
* a _doc folder: ``_doc``, it will contains the documentation
* a file ```` to build and to install the module
* a file ```` to build the sphinx documentation


* **v0.6 - 2014/08/24**
* **change:** minor fixes for the documentation generation
* **add:** add code to handle conversion of notebooks in docx format
* **v0.5 - 2014/08/05**
* **change:** few fixes while generating the documentation (notebooks, toctrees)
* **change:** compilation of the help into PDF, latex, singlehtml
* **change:** removes the creation of ``temp_log.txt`` by default when using function :func:`fLOG <loghelper.flog.flog>`
* **fix:** the module can fix an exception thrown by ``pywin32`` about DLL missing
* **change:** can use nbconvert from ipython 2.1 to generate the documentation
* **new:** add function :func:`get_url_content <loghelper.url_helper.get_url_content>`
* **new:** add function :func:`noLOG <loghelper.flog.nolog>` which does nothing (disable the logs)
* **fix:** fix path to local images in notebooks
* **change:** the help generation can now produce multiple layout for the same package
* **new:** auto completion class for IPython
* **v0.4 - 2014/04/19**
* **change**: add the possibility to create more than one page of examples, use tag ``@example(page___title)``
* **change**: use method `communicate <https:"" 3.4="" library="" subprocess.html#subprocess.popen.communicate="">`_ in :func:`run_cmd <loghelper.flog.run_cmd>`, remove characters ``\r`` on Windows
* **change**: more robust function :func:`run_cmd <loghelper.flog.run_cmd>`, change default values
* **change**: :func:`synchronize_folder <sync.synchelper.synchronize_folder>` now removes files when using a file to memorize the list of synchronized files
* **new:** the documentation generation takes notebooks from folder ``_docs/notebooks``  
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