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pyramid-mongoengine 0.0.4

Mongoengine Pyramid extension based in flask-mongoengine

# Pyramid Mongoengine

pyramid-mongoengine package based in [flask-mongoengine](

## README In Progress

## Install

pip install pyramid-mongoengine

## Config

Basic setup

if __name__ == "__main__":
config = Configurator()



`pyramid-mongoengine` provides `add_connection_database()`, he makes a connection with database
using data coming from .ini file.


mongo_url = mongodb://my_ip_location_to_mongodb
mongodb_name = "my_db_application"


If theses data not exists in .ini, `pyramid-mongoengine` use default values

# Default values
mongo_url = mongodb://localhost
mongodb_name = "test"

## Creating models


from pyramid_mongoengine import MongoEngine

db = MongoEngine()

class User(db.Document):
email = db.StringField(required=True)
username = db.StringField(requred=True)


See [demo]( application to examples  
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