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pyramid_angularstarter 0.1


# Pyramid Angular Starter

This is a project scaffold for the [pyramid web
framework]( that
is setup for javascript development using
[angularjs]( and other nice things.

Hopefully it will save you an hour or 2 when you are starting that
next awesome twitter clone.

## Project generation

This is a project scaffold so you use it in the normal pyramid way.


$ pcreate -l

Available scaffolds:
alchemy: Pyramid SQLAlchemy project using url dispatch
angularjs: Pyramid + Angularjs
angularjs_w_user: Pyramid + Angularjs + User model, registration, forgot password
pyramid_jinja2_starter: pyramid jinja2 starter project
starter: Pyramid starter project
zodb: Pyramid ZODB project using traversal

Note the additional scaffold "angularjs" and "angularjs_w_user", running pcreate with either of these
scaffolds will generate a project skeleton with the following

* pyramid project setup with jinja2, sqlalchemy, and a request local session attribute "db"
* a javascript project under <project_name>/client-src setup with bower, gulp, coffeescript and sass
* a skeleton angularjs project + foundation css

additionally, angular_js_w_user provides a user model and views for the following.

* login
* logout
* registration
* forgot password

database migrations via alembic are already configured with this template as well.

Hopefully everything else is self explanatory. :)

# 0.1

new template angularjs_w_user, which provides configured db migrations
via alembic, a user model, and views for login/logout/register/forgot

# 0.0

Initial project generation  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
pyramid_angularstarter-0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-07-12 15KB