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pyramid_caching 0.2.0

Key versioning caching for pyramid.

Latest Version: 0.2.3

Key versioning caching for pyramid.



  • TODO:
    • Introspectables
    • Content negociation: we should add content type in cache key.


  • ext.sqlalchemy: Increment new and deleted entities and table identities.
  • Simple dependency resolution for location-aware resources.
  • ext.royal: New extension for caching pyramid_royal resources.
  • Allow key identity generators to define resources that don’t need to be invalidated.


  • Breaking changes: cache_factory keyword arguments depends_on is a list of callables which receiving request as positional argument. Callables return the dependency to be identified by cache manager.
  • Add arguments predicates to cache_factory which permits to add predicates to cache key used for the view (useful for query strings).


  • Switch back to d2to1.


  • First draft of interfaces
  • Add a highly not efficient implementation of a key versioner
  • Add a model versioner which depends on key versioner and model identity inspector
  • Add an example application with dummy sqla model to run tests against
  • Add an sqla specific extention with hook on session events to get model modifications.
  • Add and remove cache_basic decorator to cache basic function with primitive typed argument. Let’s focus at view level. We’ll do basic decoraor later.
  • Add cache_factory to construct a decorator to pass to config.add_view method.
  • Add a cache manager which plug all components.
  • Add serializers to adapt objects to store on cache. Serializer objects follow a standard loads/dumps interface.
  • Add Redis client for caching and versioning
  • Implement master-version in redis version-store
  • The cache manager emits CacheHit and CacheMiss events. These events can be forwarded to a statistics aggregator by using the pyramid_metrics extension.
  • Sets the reponse ETag and custom X-View-Cache HTTP headers based on the versioned key of the resource.
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