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pyramid_cas 0.3

A CAS client for use with the Pyramid web framework

pyramid_cas v0.3


`pyramid_cas` allows your application to authenticate against a Jasig CAS server.
It takes borrowed concepts from different packages like django.cas, anz.client, and collective.cas.


`pyramid_cas` is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.


pip install pyramid_cas


Include pyramid_cas under pyramid.includes directive in your .ini file like this::

pyramid.includes =
[... other packages ...]

Set the cas server that will be used for authentication::

pyramid_cas.cas_server = your-cas-server
pyramid_cas.redirect_route - allows you to specify what route name to redirect to after succesful authentication


pyramid_cas.callback.get_user - allows you to use a callback function to store a different User object after CAS authentication.
By default pyramid_cas will store (using the pyramid remember method) only the user id returned by CAS.


pyramid_cas.callback.get_user =
pyramid_cas.redirect_route = profile # redirects to profile page on successful authentication

Use the following route names for login and logout in your application::


- Implement CAS 1.0 protocol
- Add login and logout by injection and makes it configurable using tweens
- Add tests
- Add demos
- Prevent adding pyramid_cas without settings
- Add came_from parameter

0.3 [7/21/14]

- Now Apache licensed
- Login and logout routes are now named
- Added redirect route after successful authentication

0.2 [6/17/14]

- Brought into compliance with PEP8
- Clarified documentation
- Fixed bug related to iteration over headers (thanks, Szymon:

0.1 alpha

- [April 13, 2012] Initial version  
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