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pyramid_clamav 0.3

A tween checking file uploads for viruses using clamav.

Latest Version: 0.5


Pyramid tween which checks file uploads for viruses using clamav.

You need to have a running clamav installation on your system to which the tween can connect via a unix socket. You can set the socket path in your config (pyramid_clamav.socket), but the defaults should work on most systems.

If you want to deactivate scanning (i.e. for testing or your local development environment), you can set pyramid_clamav.debug to a value. Then flash- and logmessages are generated if there was a file upload and clamav is not properly configured.

If a virus was found, the file is removed from the request. The field which was used to upload the file should handle it like no file was uploaded.

A flashmessage is presented to the user stating that a file contained a virus and it has been removed.

It should also work for multiple files.


0.3 (2013-12-19)

  • pyramid_clamav.debug can now be set in config. If enabled AND clamav is not configured, it will generate a flash message when a file upload was found, but the file will not be touched. Additionally errors are logged at startup and on file uploads.

0.2 (2013-12-17)

  • Fixed to contain locale directory.

0.1 (2013-12-17)

  • Initial release.
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