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pyramid_facebook 0.6.0

Pyramid routes and helpers for Facebook canvas applications

Latest Version: 2.0.2

Provides simple pyramid routes/views for facebook canvas application.

Some documentation on


#. Create facebook application on

#. Add facebook settings in .ini file under application section and fill with
facebook application parameters::

facebook.app_id =
facebook.secret_key =
facebook.namespace =
facebook.scope =

#. In the app settings on set callbak url
to point to ::[facebook app namespace]/

#. Include ``pyramid_facebook`` in your config::


#. Define your facebook canvas view::

from pyramid_facebook.canvas import facebook_canvas

def canvas(context, request):
# canvas is available only to users who accepted facebook permission
# defined in setting['facebook.scope'].
# context.facebook_data dict contains signed_request content.
# i.e.:
# user_id = context.facebook["user_id"]
return Response('Hello Facebok World')

#. Browse to your app on ::[app namespace]



* Update dependency to pyramid_contextauth >= 0.5


* Add a ``GraphAPI`` utility lazily instantiated with the application token.
* Add an attribute ``object`` to ``ChangeNotification``event.
* ``OrderReceived`` being notified when receiving a real-time payment update
* Add :module:`~pyramid_facebook.tests.integration.test_payments` used in

Breaking Changes

* Rename ``OrderCreated`` for :class:`

* Can be sent multiple times for the same order with same or different status

* Rename ``OrderCreationError`` for :class:``


* Added pfacebook-real-time command to update real time subscriptions.
* Breaking changes: namespace is now added by the framework in opengraph URLs.


* Reusable view and template for OpenGraph objects.
* Support for Facebook local currency payments.

This release is backward-compatible for apps that use the app currency
and Facebook credits decorators. A future version will remove support
for credits (Facebook will remove them) and app currencies (which can now
use the generic OpenGraph view).


* Packaging fix-ups.


* Fix bug where permissions defined in ``facebook.scope`` setting were ignored
by ``prompt_authorize``.


* Add view to redirect from GET canvas to the Facebook application page.


* Move predicates from lib to predicates.
* Add ``PermissionEventPredicate`` for filtering event subscriber with permission.


* Include ``pyramid_contextauth`` for dealing with context-based authentication.


* Added ``CanceledOrder`` when any payment update fail during event notification.
* add includeme for any sub module to uniform configuration
* facebook auth policy does not rely anymore on context for authentication.
* add an ``CanvasRequested`` event triggered when a identified user request


* In credits: Check item title not being an empty string to avoid FB failing with
no explicit message. "Fail early."
* Fixed bug which raised configuration conflict because ``pyramid_facebook`` was
not commiting config via ``config.commit``.


- Initial version  
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pyramid_facebook-0.6.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-03-25 32KB