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pyramid_foundation 0.2.5

Pyramid scaffold to extend project with Foundation support

Latest Version: 0.3.0

This package provides a Pyramid scaffold which includes Zurb Foundation

pyramid_foundation is intended to extend other scaffolds such as starter or alchemy. Using it alone will not create a Pyramid project.

Getting Started

$ pcreate -s <scaffold> -s pyramid_foundation <project_name>

Your newly created project will have the Foundation files located in Project/package/static/

Additionally, has been modified to include the Foundation CSS and JS along with the standard basic introduction to Foundation.


In order to use Compass, you’ll need to install the Compass and Foundation gems

$ gem install compass $ gem install foundation

pyramid_foundation includes a config.rb to manage your styles as a compass project. For more information visit:


  • static/config.rb - Compass config file
  • static/css/package_name.css - Styles for included template
  • static/css/app.css - Complete Foundation styles compiled from Sass
  • static/img/* - Foundation images
  • static/js/* - Foundation Javascripts
  • static/sass/package_name.scss - Sass styles for included template
  • static/sass/_settings.scss - Foundation settings
  • static/sass/app.scss - Foundation Sass styles
  • templates/ - Example Pyramid template

v0.0, 09.30.12 – Begin development v0.1, 10.30.12 – Created PyPi compatible package with Pyramid scaffold v0.1.1, 11.5.12 – Added Compass/Sass files v0.1.2, 11.5.12 – Removed compressed css version v0.2, 11.5.12 – Completed testing for Compass/Sass additions v0.2.1, 11.10.12 – Updated foundation gem for responsive bug from custom app.scss v0.2.2, 11.10.12 – Bugfixes v0.2.3, 11.30.12 – Foundation updates v0.2.4, 12.12.12 – Foundation updated to 3.2.3

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
pyramid_foundation-0.2.5.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-12-13 232KB