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pyramid_httpauth 1.0.5


This is an authentication policy for __pyramid__ that verifies credentials using either HTTP-Digest-Auth or HTTP-Basic-Auth protocol.

With a reference to

with extras:

  1. Add support for HTTP Basic Authentication
  2. Add support for Python 3
  3. Tested with Python 2.7 and Python 3.4


To use this package, in the app function, just include it.


In you development.ini

  • httpauth.schema: default schema to challenge client (digest

    or basic), default=digest

  • httpauth.realm: realm string for auth challenge header

  • httpauth.qop: qop string for auth challenge header

    (used for Digest Auth only)

  • httpauth.nonce_manager: name of NonceManager class to use

    (used for Digest Auth only)

  • httpauth.nonce_manager_secret: The secret key used to sign on nounce, used

    for built-in SignedNonceManager (if httpauth.nonce_manager is not provided).

  • httpauth.domain: domain string for auth challenge header

  • httpauth.get_password: name of password-retrieval function

  • httpauth.groupfinder: name of group-finder callback function


  • Fix bug: SignedNonceManager does not work properly at multi processes if its secret key is not configured.
    1. Add config httpauth.nonce_manager_secret to configure this value.
    2. Log a critical message if this value is not configured.


  • Packaging
  • Initial version
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