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pyramid_metrics 0.1.2

Performance metrics for Pyramid using StatsD

Latest Version: 0.3.1

Performance metrics for Pyramid using StatsD. The project aims at providing ways to instrument a Pyramid application in the least intrusive way.


Install using setuptools, e.g. (within a virtualenv):

$ pip install pyramid_metrics


Once pyramid_metrics is installed, you must use the config.include mechanism to include it into your Pyramid project’s configuration. In your Pyramid project’s

config = Configurator(.....)

Alternately you can use the pyramid.includes configuration value in your .ini file:

pyramid.includes = pyramid_metrics


Pyramid_metrics configuration (values are defaults):

[app:myapp] = localhost
metrics.port = 8125

metrics.prefix = application.stage

metrics.route_performance = true

Currently implemented

  • Collection utility as a request method
  • Ability to send metrics per Pyramid route
  • Simple time marker mechanism
  • Simple counter


  • Full StatsD metric types
  • Extensions for automatic metrology (SQLAlchemy, MongoDB, Requests…)
  • Whitelist/blacklist of metrics
  • Time allocation per subsystem (using the time marker mechanism)


  • The general error policy is: always failsafe. Pyramid_metrics should NEVER break your application.
  • The DNS resolution is done during configuration to avoid recurring latencies.
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