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pyramid_rawes 0.4.1

Rawes binding for pyramid

Latest Version: 0.5.1


This library helps integrate rawes in a pyramid application.


To install pyramid_rawes, use pip

pip install pyramid_rawes


To activate pyramid_rawes

config = Configurator()

By default, this will add an instance with all the default parameters (eg. Elastic Search is assumed to run at localhost:9200). To configure your rawes instance, you can use the pyramid settings file.

rawes.url = http://localhost:9500

Once you have activated pyramid_rawes, a rawes instance is added to the registry.


To get a rawes instance, call get_rawes with the current application registry. Eg. in a view:

from pyramid_rawes import get_rawes

def search(request):
    ES = get_rawes(request.registry)
    # execute search
    # ...

You can also get a rawes instance by calling the get_rawes directive on the config.

config = Configurator()
ES = config.get_rawes()


0.4.1 (15-04-2014)

  • Restore compatibility with zope.interface 4.1.x
  • Add Coveralls

0.4.0 (27-09-2013)

  • Make pyramid_rawes compatible with rawes 0.5.x
  • Introduce unit test support for py3k (requires rawes 0.5.1)
  • Ability to specify json_encoder and json_decoder as dotted python name.
  • Dropped support for py26.

0.3.0 (29-04-2013)

  • Make pyramid_rawes compatible with rawes 0.4.0.

0.2.1 (24-04-2013)

  • Fixed dependency on rawes < 0.4.0. Next release will upgrade to rawes 0.4.0.

0.2.0 (18-01-2013)

  • Added get_rawes as a config directive
  • Renamed IRawES to IRawes
  • Pep8 fixes

0.1.0 (16-01-2013)

  • Initial version
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