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pyramid_rest 0.2.8

Pyramid Rest Extension

Pyramid REST


  • First draft of a pyramid extension to build RESTful web application.

  • Features included:

    • resource definition which configure routes/views, i.e:

      • a resource ‘application’:

        • route [GET/POST] /applications
        • route [GET/DELETE/PUT] /applications/{application_id}
        • route GET /applications/{application_id}/new
        • route GET /applications/{application_id}/edit
      • a resource ‘application.user’:

        • route [GET/POST] /applications/{application_id}/users
        • route [GET/DELETE/PUT] /applications/{application_id}/users/{user_id}
        • route GET /applications/{application_id}/users/new
        • route GET /applications/{application_id}/users/edit
      • a singular resource ‘application.user.score’:

        • route [GET/PUT] /applications/{application_id}/users/{user_id}/score
        • route GET /applications/{application_id}/users/{user_id}/score/edit
    • resources are added to config introspector and related to their routes, views, sub-resource and parent resource;

    • end user defines REST methods (index, create, show, update, delete, new, edit);

    • by default:

      • HTTP 405 is returned for any method not provided;
      • permissions ‘index, create, show, update, delete, new, edit’ are associated to respective method;
  • 3 ways to configure resource:

    1. Imperative using config.add_resource, it will associate class in views module to resource

      config.add_resource('application')       # .views.applications:ApplicationsView
      config.add_resource('application.user')  # .views.application_users:ApplicationUsersView
    2. Declarative using Resource class (cornice style)

      app_users = Resource('application.user')
      def index(context, request, application_id):
      def show(context, request, application_id, id):
    3. Declarative using resource_config decorator

      class AppUsers(object):
         def __init__(self, context, request):
         def index(self, application_id):
            return {}
         def edit(self, application_id, id):
            return {}

What next?

  1. HTTP PATCH method:
  2. Resource Scaffolding command;
  3. Links;
  4. Validation;
  5. Pagination;
  6. Automatic resource definition of SQLAlchemy entities;
  7. Have a view parameter in add_resource to override view definition;




  • Compatibility with updated zope.interfaces
  • Using last functionality of pyramid_mongokit
  • No more distribute in


  • Moved mongo connection to pyramid_mongokit.


  • Switch to github.
  • Add support for mongo database:
  • Setting in ini file pyramid_rest.mongo considered true by default
  • MongoConnection is registered to registry
  • Two properties added to request: mongo_connection and mongo_db
  • Mongo connection gets uri from os.environ['MONGO_URI']
  • Database name comes from os.environ['MONGO_DB_NAME']
  • Any resource view with a model_class class attribute with value being a definition of a mongokit.Document can inherit pyramid_rest.mongo.DocumentView to inherit all default actions.
  • Add custom renderer which adapts output format depending on accept headers, format supported are application/json`` & ``application/bson


  • Rename ResourceUtility to ResourceConfigurator to make its role clearer.
  • Force human-friendly names for route pattern variables and view callable parameters, e.g. /applications/{application_id}/users/{id} and show(context, request, application_id, id)
  • Remove ability to configure resource separator in resource names: it’s always ‘.’
  • Singular resources via add_singular_resource directive or singular=True keyword argument on Resource or resource_config
  • Moved example from tests directory to root directory: used in test and useful for documentation.


  • Collection resource only
  • Imperative mode via add_resource directive
  • Declarative mode via Resource class
  • Declarative mode view resource_config decorator
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