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pyramid_restful_toolkit 1.0.2

Some toolkits for RESTful API development in Pyramid.

Latest Version: 1.1.1


A toolkit for RESTful API development in Pyramid.

That includes:

1. JSON renderer
2. HTTP Auth Policy (Basic, Digest)
3. Some utilities to work with SQLAlchemy, CQLEngine


To use it, just

.. code-block::python


This will do those jobs:

1. Add JSON as default renderer with some default adapters. You can access
it through `pyramid_restful_toolkit.default_renderer`
2. Add some error handlers for common validators library such as: formencode,
colander, schema.

If you want all uncaught exception has return as JSON text. Just include tween
`pyramid_restful_toolkit.jsonize_uncaught_exception_tween_factory`. This is
normally used in production.ini.

HTTP Auth Policy

To use this package, in the app function, just include it.


In you *development.ini*

pyramid_restful_toolkit.auth.get_user_callback = 'path to get user function'

You can use built-in model:

**For SQLAlchemy**


with *development.ini*

pyramid_restful_toolkit.auth.dbsession = app.models.DBSession

Use *pyramid_restful_toolkit.auth.models.sqlalchemy.RESTfulUser* to manage your users. Its table
name is *rest_user*.



* Add default error handler support for deform.ValidationFailure  
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