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pyratemp 0.3.2

Small, simple and powerful template-engine for Python.

pyratemp is a small, simple and powerful template-engine for python.

For documentation, please read pyratemp.txt or pyratemp.html and the pyratemp-docstrings.

For more documentation of the background of pyratemp, some thoughts about template-engines in general, benchmarks and comparisons, see

Author:Roland Koebler <rk at simple-is-better dot org>
Requirements:Python >=2.6 / 3.x
  • NEWS
  • the template-engine
  • some convenience functions for pyratemp
  • a small commandline-interface for the template-engine
  • pyratemp_python3_doctest.txt: pyratempt-doctests for Python 3
  • small wrapper so you can “import the directory”
  • pyratemp.txt: the documentation (in reStructuredText)
  • pyratemp.html: the documentation, converted to html
  • example.html: example-template from the documentation
  • example.json: example-data from the documentation
  • use disutils, e.g. python ./ install or python ./ install --user
  • or simply copy or symlink this directory (or only to a directory which is found by Python’s “import”, e.g. into your project-directory


./ -f example.json example.html
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
pyratemp-0.3.2.tgz (md5)
for Python >=2.6 / 3.x
Source 2013-09-18 50KB