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pyroute2 0.2.4

Python Netlink library

Latest Version: 0.4.21

Python netlink library. The main goal of the project is to implement complete NETLINK_ROUTE family as well as several other families (NETLINK_NETFILTER etc.)

Current feature status see in


More samples you can read in the project documentation. Low-level interface:

from pyroute2 import IPRoute

# get access to the netlink socket
ip = IPRoute()

# print interfaces
print ip.get_links()

# stop working with netlink and release all sockets

High-level transactional interface, IPDB:

from pyroute2 import IPDB
# local network settings
ip = IPDB()
# create bridge and add ports and addresses
# transaction will be started with `with` statement
# and will be committed at the end of the block
with ip.create(kind='bridge', ifname='rhev') as i:

The project contains several modules for different types of netlink messages, not only RTNL.


make install or pip install pyroute2


Python >= 2.6

  • test reqs (optional): python-coverage, python-nose
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