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pysapweb 0.9.2

A Python interface to MIT's SAPweb (now Atlas) accounting system.

pysapweb is a Python library that allows programmers to script interactions with MIT's SAPweb accounting system. Jump in with the Getting Started Guide!

Quick Example

To create an RFP Reimbursement using the convenience method rfp.create, first set up a Firefox profile per the instructions in the Getting Started Guide, then type:

from pysapweb import sap_profiles, rfp
browser = sap_profiles.load_firefox()
rfp_number = rfp.create(browser,
                        name="pysapweb Experiment",
                        payee=(False, "Tim D. Beaver"), # non-MIT payee
                        address=("77 Massachusetts Avenue",
                                 "Cambridge", "MA", "02139",
                                 "United States of America"),
                        line_items=[("1/1/2013",    # date of service
                                      "420226",     # G/L account
                                      "6666666",    # your cost object
                                      10000,        # amount, in cents
                                      "Birthday cake")],
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