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pyskool 1.1.2

A remake of 'Skool Daze' and 'Back to Skool' using Pygame

Latest Version: 1.2.1

In 1984, Microsphere published Skool Daze, a game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. In 1985, the sequel Back to Skool was published.

Each game is based in a boys’ school (though Back to Skool adds a playground and a girls’ school) and revolves around the antics of Eric, the hero. In Skool Daze, Eric must steal his report card from the school safe - the combination of which must be extracted from the teachers’ brains using flashing shields or, in the case of the history teacher, post-hypnotic suggestion. In Back to Skool, Eric must get his report card back into the school safe, this time with the extra help provided by a water pistol, stinkbombs, a bike, mice, a frog and a girlfriend.

Pyskool is a re-implementation of these classic games in Pygame, with the aim of making them easy to customise by editing configuration files or - for more advanced customisation - writing some Python code.


Pyskool requires Python 2.6 or 2.7 and Pygame (version 1.7+).

On Linux/*BSD, Pygame is available via the package management system: the python-pygame package on Debian-based distros and openSUSE, the pygame package on Fedora, the devel/py-game port on FreeBSD and NetBSD, and the devel/pygame port on OpenBSD.

Windows and Mac OS X users should take care to select the Pygame installer that matches the version of Python that is installed.

Running Pyskool

Pyskool is actually five separate games:

  • Skool Daze (
  • Back to Skool (
  • Skool Daze Take Too (
  • Ezad Looks (
  • Back to Skool Daze (

Before playing any of these games for the first time, the required images, ini files and sound files will need to be created. This can be done by using the --setup option; for example:

$ --setup

This will:

  • download TZX files from the sources listed in images.ini and use them to create the required images in ~/.pyskool/images
  • write the required ini files in ~/.pyskool/ini
  • write the required sound files in ~/.pyskool/sounds

After that, Pyskool can be run in Skool Daze mode:


Playing Pyskool

The keys to move Eric around are:

  • ‘q’ or up arrow - go up stairs, or continue walking in the same direction
  • ‘a’ or down arrow - go down stairs, or continue walking in the same direction
  • ‘o’ or left arrow - left
  • ‘p’ or right arrow - right
  • ‘f’ - fire catapult
  • ‘h’ - hit
  • ‘j’ - jump
  • ‘s’ - sit/stand
  • ‘w’ - write on a blackboard (press Enter/Return to finish)

Other useful keys are:

  • Escape - quit the game
  • End - pause/resume
  • Insert - take a screenshot
  • F2 - save the game
  • F6 - load the most recently saved game
  • F11 - switch between full-screen and windowed mode
  • F12 - show/hide the menu

For full instructions, see the documentation.

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