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pysolr-tornado 4.0.1

A library to access Solr via Tornado coroutines.

``pysolr-tornado`` is a Python library providing access to [Apache Solr](
via Tornado coroutines.

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This project is a fork of `pysolr`, hosted on GitHub at We
offer a few minor improvements over `pysolr`, but we attempt to keep the APIs identical. However,
it is impossible to offer a compatible API because Tornado coroutines are coroutines, and must
therefore be used with Python's `yield` keyword.

If you are trying to decide between `pysolr` and `pysolr-tornado`, we recommend `pysolr` unless you
are already sure that you want to use Tornado.


With ``pysolr-tornado`` 4.0, the version numbers no longer correspond meaningfully to upstream
versions. We made the decision to jump to a new major release because of the refactoring of the
:class:`Results` class, which we view as backward incompatible. We sympathize with the upstream's
decision to release this as a point release, because it is such a minor change in most situations,
but it broke our client application and it may break yours too.  
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pysolr-tornado-4.0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-06-20 15KB