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pystmark 0.3.4

A Python library for the Postmark API (

Latest Version: 0.4.6

# pystmark

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[Postmark API]( library for python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3 and pypy.
Built on top of the [requests]( library.

## Web Framework Integration

* [Flask-Pystmark](

## Documentation

The full Sphinx-compiled documentation is available here: [](

## Example Usage

import pystmark

API_KEY = 'my_api_key'

# Send a single message
message = pystmark.Message(sender=SENDER, to='', subject='Hi',
text='A message', tag='greeting')
pystmark.send(message, api_key=API_KEY)

# Send multiple messages (via Postmark's batch send API)
recipients = ['you{0}'.format(i) for i in xrange(20)]
messages = [pystmark.Message(sender=SENDER, to=to, subject='Hi',
text='A message', tag='greeting')
for to in recipients]

response = pystmark.send_batch(messages, api_key=API_KEY)

# Check API response error
except pystmark.UnauthorizedError:
print 'Use your real API key'


## Contribution

1. Fork this repo
2. Make your changes and write a test for them
3. Add yourself to the AUTHORS file and submit a pull request

Please run the tests with `./ test --with-integration`, with at least python2.7,
before you make a pull request. Requirements for running the tests are in `tests/requirements.txt`.
The other versions will be handled by [travis-ci](

The pep8 tests may fail if using pypy due to [this bug](
so that test is disabled if pypy is detected.

## Copyright and License

pystmark is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for full details.  
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