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pyswf 1.4

SWF Parsing Utilities

Latest Version: 1.5.4

A Python library for reading and writing SWF files.
PYSWF is a Python port of Claus Wahlers *great* SWF parser
Can't thank Claus enough!


python install

or you might need do:

$sudo python install

- lxml
- StringIO
- Image (PIL)

You can use easy_install or pip to install these.
NOTE: this code is only tested with python 2.6


Basic example:
from import SWF

# create a file object
file = open('path/to/swf', 'rb')

# print out the SWF file structure
print SWF(file)

SVG export example:
from import SWF
from swf.export import SVGExporter

# create a file object
file = open('path/to/swf', 'rb')

# load and parse the SWF
swf = SWF(file)

# create the SVG exporter
svg_exporter = SVGExporter()

# export!
svg = swf.export(svg_exporter)

# save the SVG
open('path/to/svg', 'wb').write(
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