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pysyge 0.2.0

API to access data from Sypex Geo IP database files from your Python code

Latest Version: 0.3.0

What’s that

pysyge is an API to access data from Sypex Geo IP database files from your Python code.

For more information about Sypex Geo databases and their features please visit

Direct DB links that might became broken over time:


Python 2.7+, 3.2+


  1. This version of pysyge works with Sypex Geo DB version 2.2 or above.
The structure of a dictionary returned by GeoLocator.get_location() was preserved in a backward compatible manner as much as possible, yet it’s advised to update your code to use data from info sub dictionary.
  1. This version of pysyge works with UTF-8 Sypex Geo Databases. Texts returned by pysyge are UTF-8.


Download Geo IP database file from (example below uses SxGeoCityMax.dat file).

Application sample:

# Import all we need from pysyge module.
from pysyge.pysyge import GeoLocator, MODE_BATCH, MODE_MEMORY

# Create GeoLocator object to access API from 'SxGeoCityMax.dat' using fast memory mode.
geodata = GeoLocator('SxGeoCityMax.dat', MODE_BATCH | MODE_MEMORY)

# Let's get some meta information.
print('DB version %s (%s)' % (geodata.get_db_version(), geodata.get_db_date()))

# Request geo information for IP address. Getting detailed information, including region info.
location = geodata.get_location('', detailed=True)

# Print out some lyrics. Most interesting data is under `info` in `city`, `country` and `region` dictionaries
print('%s (%s) calling. All the circuits are busy.' % (location['info]['city']['name_en'], location['info']['country']['iso']))
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pysyge-0.2.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-06-21 8KB