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A pure-python implementation of the SyncML adapter framework and protocol.

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 0.2.0

Welcome to pysyncml

Welcome to the pysyncml library, a pure-python implementation of the SyncML adapter framework and protocol. SyncML is a protocol for allowing abstract objects to be synchronized between multiple clients and a server.


2012/06/03: pysyncml is currently pre-alpha. That means very little really works yet! However, it is being actively developed, so check back in a couple of months.

Functional components as of

  • Client-side SyncML framework with support for CRUD operations, i.e. Add/Replace/Delete Sync commands.
  • Client-side synchronization of “note” datatype.

For downloaded packages, please see the generated documents in the “doc” directory, otherwise you can find links to the latest how-to and API reference documentation at pysyncml.


The pysyncml project has the following goals, some of them diverge critically from other SyncML implementations and are the reasons for creating a new package instead of building on other existing implementations:

  • Can be installed and used with a single “pip install pysyncml” (or easy_install).
  • Is python 2.6+ and 3+ compatible.
  • Implements a sufficiently large subset of the SyncML 1.2.2 (a.k.a. the OMA Data Synchronization specification) as to be interoperable with other implementations without necessarily being “conformant”.
  • Can be easily integrated into sqlalchemy based projects to store data in the application’s database instead of separated out (so that integrated database triggers and cascading can be applied).
  • Can be extended in order to make properly crafted clients able to operate in “distributed” mode - this means that in the absence of a network, SyncML client peers are able to synchronize with each other in the anticipation that the central server may or may not eventually become available again.
  • Differentiates as little as possible between “client” and “server” modes to enable the previous goal.
  • Makes basic synchronization easy and complicated synchronization possible by providing standard implementations for commonly used approaches, while allowing these components to be overriden or extended.
  • Provides basic command line tools for commonly synchronized data types.
  • Provides a framework of server-push notifications which are transport agnostic.
  • Auto-discovery of SyncML server URI locations; i.e. finding the “right” paths to bind object types is done automatically instead of needing error-prone user configuration.


It is the goal of the project to get a minimally functional library going in the shortest possible timeframe. To that end, the following features of SyncML will NOT be implemented until a later phase, even if this means that the library does not provide a conformant implementation:

  • Filtering of searches or synchronization targets.
  • Data split over multiple messages.
  • Soft-deletes.
  • Memory constraint management.
  • Suspend, resume and busy signaling.
  • MD5 authentication scheme.
  • Per-database-layer authorization.

Coding Standards

Here are a few of the coding standards that the pysyncml project conforms to that deviate or go beyond PEP-8:

  • No hard tabs; soft tabs set to two (2) spaces.
  • All text-based versioned files have svn:keywords “Id” and “Revision”.
  • All text-based files must use unix-style line endings.
  • Assignment operations should be operator-aligned when in context of consecutive assignments.
  • No hard coding of literals; all literals must be overrideable.
  • No one-line logic (conditionals, loops, etc), except anonymous functions.
  • Python files are “utf-8” encoded and are marked as such.
  • Variables and methods are camelCase unless otherwise required by specs.
  • Classes are capitalized CamelCase unless otherwise required by specs.
  • Complexity is hidden via sane defaulting.
  • Documentation is on all public API entry points via restructured text (RST).
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