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pysyslogclient 0.1.1

Syslog client implementation (RFC 3164/RFC 5424)

# pysyslogclient

Syslog client for Python 3 (RFC 3164/5424) for UNIX and Windows

## Description

Syslog client following

* RFC3164 (
* RFC5424 (

with UNIX and Windows support. TCP and UDP transport is possible.

If TCP is used, on every log message, that is send to the specified server,
and a connection error occured, the message will be dismissed and
a reconnect will be tried for the next message.

## Usage

A small CLI client is implemented in **. To call it, run

python -m pysyslogclient.cli

### Startup client

To setup the client for RFC 5424 over TCP to send to SERVER:PORT:

import pysyslogclient
client = pysyslogclient.SyslogClientRFC5424(SERVER, PORT, proto="TCP")

or for RFC3164:

import SyslogClient
client = pysyslogclient.SyslogClientRFC3164(SERVER, PORT, proto="TCP")

### Log a messsage

Log the message "Hello syslog server" with standard severity *INFO* as facility
*USER*. As program name *SyslogClient* the PID of the called python interpreter
is used.

client.log("Hello syslog server")


To specify more options, call log with more arguments. For example to log a
the message as program *Logger* with PID *1* as facility *SYSTEM* with severity
*EMERGENCY*, call log the following way:

client.log("Hello syslog server",

### Shutdown

To disconnect, call


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