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pytaskpool 1.1

A simple multiprocessing function pool


A simple multiprocess function pooler which create results generators

pytaskpool use the python multiprocessing module

pytaskpool provide an easy way to execute python functions in a pool of process (not threads) for using all your CPU cores. Functions results can then be then obtained in order or not (via a generator method).

Download and docs:
Source code & Development:


pytaskpool is available in the python index package (pip), It can be installed running the following command:

$ pip install pytaskpool

or by git like this:

$ git clone
$ cd pytaskpool
$ sudo python install

or even in a zip over http :


This sample code will simultanously launch 8 functions with differents parameters using a pool of 8 processes. The results returned by all launched functions will be get by the method get_sorted_results(), which is a generator returning the functions results in order.

The excepted execution time should be around 1 second.

Sample code:

import pytaskpool as tp
from time import sleep

def my_func(x):
    return [x ** x]

mypool = tp.TaskPool([], 8)

for r in range(8):
    mypool.launch(my_func, r)

unsorted = [r for r in mypool.get_unsorted_results()]
sorted = [r for r in mypool.get_sorted_results()]

print "unsorted :",unsorted
print "sorted   :",sorted

Terminal output should look like this:

$ time python
unsorted : [[1], [4], [1], [3125], [823543], [256], [27], [46656]]
sorted   : [[1], [1], [4], [27], [256], [3125], [46656], [823543]]

real    0m1.031s
user    0m0.858s
sys     0m0.193s
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
pytaskpool-1.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-01-07 16KB